May 27, 2011


Dear friends,

Be grateful. Appreciate with what life has to offer us. Allah knows best.
Be the change we wish to see in this world.Change what we can change within our power,within our reach which is something undeniably possible.Focus on the things that we have instead of the things that we dont.

You may think that you deserve more that what you have now but do you know what is best for you?Do you know more than Allah do?Do you think that you are that good?

Well if you do,just for this time.Think about others.Those around you who is more successful.Why aren't we at their place?

I should be telling you this.
"We are not God!As humans,we plan but it is Him who decides"

If you still think that you deserve more.Then think about those who also deserve it but they didn't get the same chances as you do.They might not even get the chances at all.Think about those who are less fortunate.

Stop being selfish.Stop being so childish.Stop thinking that we can get everything that we want.In reality,we fight for survival.Life is not a fantasy nor a fairytale.

Before you act,think wisely.
"Choice,not chance that determines destiny"

Stop questioning about the transparency and the credibility of the system.Stop thinking about the others.If you think that you are good then prove it.Prove it that you wouldn't repeat your papers.Prove it that you don't really need their help of getting through illegally.Prove it that you are qualified.Prove it that you earn this spot of becoming medical students!

What is the main purpose of us becoming doctors?
For the name?
For the sake of helping those who are in need?
We wouldn't care less if the main reason is to help others.

Please think wisely.WISELY.
Don't make any assumptions or conclusion based unreliable sources.Those people aren't stupid.They wouldn't invested 500k on you guys without any investigation.
And that is common sense.

"Kita terlalu risau kerana kita terlalu mengharap pada manusia,sebaliknya berdoalah kepada Allah.Dia yang menentukan apa yang terbaik untuk hamba-hambanya"

"Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows,while you know not" (2:216)

In the end,I let you decide.

p/s-i'm not provoking any of you.just want you to realize how fortunate and grateful we should be.


juki. said...

good words. Allah knows best.

farhana said...


Anonymous said...

betul tu kadang - kadag kite suke sgt mengeluh dan tidak bersyukur....ap2 pun terjadi sama ad kite jatuh ataupun di tangga kejayaan bersyukurlah..

Anonymous said...

exactly the same as me...and thank you for remind me about is unexpected..