Mar 12, 2010

Life-time Passport.

This time it is not a joke. I am sitting for it this year and this is my life time passport. This is the one that is going to be my platform that will determine my future.8 months is still a long time but why do I have to wait for it to become so near. This exam would be the one that will determine what I would become in 20-30 years time. The cost of living now is very high. How do I survive if I did not manage to secure a good job in the future? This time, I am not going to take the risk. Not anymore. Sacrifice is unavoidable now.

Petronas needs 300 people to become their engineers but the applicants that are qualified for it are 10 000 people. How do we ensure that we are the one that they are looking for? By being the best. Strive 9A+ in our SPM and we can be whatever we want to. Study in the overseas and become a doctor , an engineer or anything that we want to. Because the results will reflect ourselves and it is our life-time passport.

In TGB, it is a different scenario. If you got straight A’s in your SPM, its nothing but if the whole batch got straight A’s then it is something. We can’t be the best school in Malaysia if we didn’t get the best result in Malaysia. Everyone are pushing their limits to shine in SPM in order to achieve that goal.

To Batch 09/10,this is our year.We will create our own history in TGB.Together,we strive for infinite excellence.

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