Mar 20, 2010

E-Night 2010.

Great. The theme for this year is "HAT".
After asking around for more than a week,finally i managed to get what i want.

Yeah,this is the one. Actually,this type of "hat" idea came from a friend of mine. His is the Manchester's but still it kindda look the same except for the bells. Haha. Thank you man. Joker's hat is the best.

P/s: 1.thnx to syawal for buying it for me. I'll pay u back. No worries. ^^
2.Does anyone have a better hat which is better than mine? me..!


NINAA :D said...

show off topi mahal la tu.heh

MIR said...

yea yea..haha

Aimiie said...

yeah. it looks AWESOME. :)