Feb 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Holiday.

Here we go again. Homework!
It is not a norm for any mrsm students to not have any homework for hols.Possibilities?100%.And i'm one of them.(addmaths,maths,history,bahasa,english,physics,chemistry,biology and last but not least pendidikan agama islam).Looks like im not going to have my holiday after all. Splendid.

I went to Port Dickson for this hols. There's a wedding that my family must attend n i've been dragged along. Great. Now i'll be missing one of the greatest moment in my life(this is what buddy said). Hanging out with tgbians at KLCC. Nvm,as long as khairul is not there. Haha. Have fun =D.

About TGB, im glad that we are still having our "prep" at the class and not at the DS. Maybe because many parents complained about it. Btw,the F4's' are coming this Wednesday. Finally i am becoming a SENIOR (tgb only consists of f5 n f4). Haha and im going to have more work to do. Damn. One more thing, my team's project is qualified for ISWEEEP 2010. Texas baby. (We'll be going there after all man .After all we've been through. humiliated, mocked, and etc. Haha. Two words. It worth.)-(dedicated to syazwan).

Life in college is getting more hectic.
Exhausted. Every single seconds.
That explains it all.

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